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(For Initial Evaluation &Acupuncture)

   Limit One Per New Client 

About us

China Spring Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine clinic was established by Dr. Qin Yan and Dr. Pei Wang, a lovely couple from China, both Dr. Yan and Dr. Wang were trained from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese medicine (Jinan, China), one of the most prestigious Chinese Medicine Universities in China.


As a holistic traditional Chinese medical clinic, we are specializing in acupuncture therapies, herbal medicine, tuina & massage therapies, lifestyle counseling, and holistic health education. Our mission is to provide a natural solution to our client’s health afflictions by eliminating symptoms of disease/disorder, restoring proper body function and improving the quality of life.

​According to theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), optimal health is achieved via a relative balance in the whole human body and the harmonious flow of energy (called chi), blood, and Ying-Yang. Conventional medicine refers to this balance as homeostasis. Disease or dis-equilibrium appears when the balance is disturbed. Imbalances are common, and can occur in one or more body systems. Integrative Chinese Medicine use natural approaches to unblock the flow of energy (chi) and blood, and to rebalance the Yin-Yang of the body. 

We honor the holistic nature of life and one's health. 

​We offer our clients strategies for achieving a greater level of health and well-being. We focus on the individual person, educating them according to an ancient holistic style of oriental medicine. Most importantly, we care for the individual needs of each person.

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