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China Spring Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Actual Client Praise about Sleep Management.

  • Dr. Yan is very nice and patient. She solved my serious insomnia problem. More than a month ago, I had a serious problem with insomnia. Before I found Dr.Yan, I went to hospitals, they gave me some useless advice, such as not sleeping during the day, etc., or I was given some drugs that would affect my brain, which is not helpful at all. Later, I found Dr. Yan to use acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. To be honest, I got the best sleep in a month that night. In fact, I know that the TCM method may not work that fast, but with acupuncture and Dr. Yan's diagnosis, the process is greatly shortened. After that, I took Yan's traditional Chinese medicine for about a month, and now I don't suffer from insomnia at all. Then I go every week to adjust the body, through acupuncture to relax, replenish qi, blood and spirit. Even in Beijing, I have rarely seen a doctor of Chinese medicine as skilled as Dr. Yan. --Terry

  • Prior to my 1st appointment, on August 28th, I was experiencing left leg pain for about 18 months, right arm pain for several months, and not getting a good nights sleep for several years. I waitress for a living, and have been going to a massage therapist almost every week for many years. However, massage would only help with the leg and arm pain for a very short time...24 hours at most. Even after the first acupuncture appointment I felt some relief, but I've now had 4 sessions, and can't believe the difference! The pain is 90% better, and getting better sleep. Last week I said I had some anxiety, and saw an immediate difference with that as well! I don't like needles, so I was very nervous to try acupuncture, but it doesn't hurt, and I can't believe it took me so long to do it. Thank you so much for all you are doing to help me, it's really changed my life in a very positive way!    --Angie Rogers 

  • I would give more stars if I could!
    My mother-in-law visited us for helping us with our first baby and taking care of a baby wasn’t a pleasant job. She got back pains and sore muscles all over the body after one month. The worst part is insomnia – baby totally upsets her sleeping cycles.
    Then a friend recommended China Spring Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine. The environment is clean, comfy and cozy. The acupuncturist was super caring and kind. Unlike other practitioners, she listened to my mother-in-law of medical issues without giving any tragic look or seeming bored. We decided to try all the treatments the therapist recommended after a long but pleasant talk.
    My mother-in-law always feels much better walking out the door than she did coming in. Thank you China Spring Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine!  --Ivy M. 

  • Dr Yan has been extremely helpful with my lack of sleep and stress. The acupuncture and massages are extremely relaxing and have helped along with some herbal teas she prescribed to allow me to sleep at night. I have personally noticed the big changes from when I first started til now. I would highly recommend Dr Yan at China Spring Acupuncture to everyone.  --Hector Aguirre

  • Both my husband and I are patients of Dr.Yan and see her for a myriad of issues.  We have found her to be a good listener and an expert acupuncturist.  She has resolved a number of issues, including sciatica pain and sleeplessness.  --Sara Burgess

  • I have received the best care at Dr. Yan's office that I've ever received anywhere. I've been to many doctors over the years to treat my ongoing problems with insomnia, anxiety, etc and was given drugs that never really helped and/or the side effects were not something I could deal with. Since my first visit with Dr Yan I've slept through the night, every night, and my overall health is so much better. I wake up refreshed. She's helped me so very much.    --Leslie Langford.

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