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China Spring Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture is an ancient healing art originating from China; it has been practiced for over 3,000 years. In ancient China, people learned that sharpened metal could relieve pain. After generations of practices,  acupuncture developed into a complete healing system used to prevent & treat disease and improve overall health & well-being.

Acupuncture points

Acupuncture meridians are traditionally believed to comprise channels that connect the surface of the body with internal organs. Twelve primary meridians are located bilaterally in the body, the left and right meridians are symmetrical and influence each other through the interconnected meridian channels. The network of meridian channels is believed to be located within soft connective tissues. No matter what your age or race is, the meridian system/energy flow is the same.

By inserting hair thin, solid pre-sterilized needles into specific areas of the body (acupoints), the meridian system/energy flow can be unblocked and dynamically re-balanced, thus giving a person to restore a good internal balance and to establish and maintain a good health. Researches on the mechanisms of action have revealed that endogenous opioid peptides in the central nervous system play an essential role in mediating the analgesic effect of Acupuncture/electro-acupuncture. Further studies have shown that different kinds of neuropeptides are released by an electroacupuncture with different frequencies.

Acupuncture Benefits

1. Improves Chronic Pain, Including for the Back, Neck, Knee or Arthritis Pain, Muscle Spasms

2. Helps Reduce Headaches and Migraines, Including Reducing the Frequency and Intensity of Migraines

3. Helps Treat Insomnia

4. Digestive problems, allergies, mood, depression

5. Improves Cancer and Chemotherapy Recovery

6. Helps to Prevent Cognitive Decline

7. Pregnancy, Labor & Postpartum Health

8. Facial Cosmetic

What you will experience during an acupuncture treatment. 

  1. First, our acupuncturist will speak with you about your concerns and health-related goals.

  2. Our acupuncturist will perform tongue diagnosis and may press on your vital organs to see if there is anything noticeable contributing to an imbalance.

  3. Then our acupuncturist will use sterile, disposable small needles and will place them along specific “meridians” on the body.

  4. The acupuncturist will check for “pulses” on the body by gently placing their fingers or hand on the patient’s wrist to feel how the patient’s energy is flowing. Redness may occur around a needle site.

  5. The needles will usually stay in for 20-30 min while the patent’s energy is reworking and balancing itself.

  6. After the needles are removed, the patient can go about their day and are usually advised to drink plenty of water in an effort to help the detoxifying process.

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