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China Spring Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Actual Client Praise about First Acupuncture Experience.

  • I was recommended to Dr. Yan by my colleague. Dr. Yan was my first experience with acupuncture, but I can tell she is a warm and caring healer. I was dealing with bad headaches for 2 months, after 3 sessions my headaches are gone. She has also done a great job addressing my low back pain which bothered me for almost 7 years. I love that her products are all natural and I will definitely be a lifelong patient.   --Aiguo

  • So glad I found Dr. Qin Yan. She is extremely knowledgeable and designs custom treatment plans specific to your needs. It is comforting that she studied modern medicine, worked in a hospital and truly understands how the human body works. Finally found treatment that provides a great experience with amazing results.
    If it is your first experience with acupuncture, Dr. Yan provides a lot of information, asks questions and does not rush anything. She is always gentle, gives fantastic massages and is a joy to see. The whole experience is wonderful and leaves you feeling years younger. I am amazed of how much relief I experienced from fibromyalgia and PCOS. Also surprised how much energy and overall health I have. Did not realize I could feel young and healthy until I met Dr. Yan.
    I would recommend her to anyone.   --Sara Zinkle

  • Dr. Yan was very friendly and attentive! I visited a couple of times. The first visit was consultation with a 30 min session. I felt great after the session, very relaxed and refreshed. I would recommend her!    --Veneta Boyanova 

  • I enjoyed trying the cupping and noticed some pain relief the same day.I appreciated Dr. Yan's concern for my overall health and look forward to trying her suggestions.  --Julie

  • This place is wonderful! I absolutely loved my first time getting acupuncture! I’m telling everyone to go here!  --Nessa Riggs

  • What a wonderful experience! I went for cupping (my first time) and ended up doing acupuncture as well. Qin Yan was so warm and welcoming from the moment I walked in. She made me feel so comfortable and answered all of questions and took the time to ask me about any and all of my ailments. She is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful. She did acupuncture in accordance to everything I described and I felt like I was on a cloud after. The cupping did not hurt and felt similar to a deep tissue massage to help alleviate some muscle tension I have in my upper back. I could not recommend this place enough!     --Daphne Durmaz

  • This was my first acupuncture experience. I wanted to try acupuncture to balance my hormones. I was nervous, but the Dr is so informative and wants to help heal in a natural and healthy way. She made everything very comfortable, and wanted to hear about your health. The 15 minute massage at the end was WONDERFUL! I I feel confident acupuncture can help me, I bought another package without hesitation.  --Cassie

  • I am generally a skeptic about most things that are new to me. Earlier this year though, I found myself debilitated by back pain. My leg went numb and got so weak I couldn’t safely navigate my house on my own. After a 3 day hospital stay I was released on huge quantities of narcotics and various pain relievers. A family recommended I try acupuncture and since nothing else had helped, I figured I had nothing to lose. The results were incredible. I had both acupuncture and cupping done over 4 visits and started to notice a difference after the first time. By the end of the 4th appt, I was pain free and walking normally again. The numbness and weakness took a bit longer to resolve but is now completely gone. I cannot say enough good things about my experience. Next time I’m in pain, China Spring will be my first call, rather than my last resort. Thank you so much for the kindness and care. --Dana Massey

  • I have been skeptical of acupuncture because, you know, needles. But friends have said it has done wonders for them so I gave it chance. Dr. Qin Yan was amazing. She is very nice and so knowledgeable. My first experience went fantastic so I will be doing it again! Highly recommend!  --Brittney

  • She was very kind and interested in customizing treatment to my needs! The marks from cupping were gone within a couple of days like she said! Awesome first experience with something this!  --Darnell Wilson

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