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China Spring Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Actual Client Praise

  • SDr. Yan is very professional and skilled at acupuncture and herbal medicine.  She really "sees" you, unlike many Western Medicine doctors, who spend more time looking at their computer screen than "seeing" the patient. Her office is very clean and lovely, set in the trees surrounding the office building.  I have recommended many friends to her, even one with needle phobia, and they all have been pleased with both her services as well as her kindness! --Holly Houston

  • I have been struggling with residual stiffness due to Raynauds and wanted a more natural way to treat it. I was directed to Dr. Qin Yan and my hand is feeling so much better! I was a little apprehensive at first to acupuncture due to my needle phobia, but I wanted to give it a go. She listens to your concerns and is happy to answer any questions you have about acupuncture. Very caring. I always walk out with a smile. I highly recommend her!    --Gwendolyn Haag

  • I have been to five or six other acupuncture's so I can safely say this one knows what she is doing! The relief was there in the first half hour and that is why I purchased five more sessions at a discount price! This is day 4 and I still feel great!  --Bob Parnell

  • She was most wonderful and focused on me as an individual and a whole person. Her services were phenomenal I am looking forward to my next visit. She is highly qualified in Chinese medicine!! I would trust her over anyone as she truly not only possesses extensive knowledge but she loves her craft and has truly gifted hands!!!   --Mariela.

  • Best acupuncture in Madison! The intake was thorough and she spent time assessing my needs and providing explanation. The massage at the end was also great. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to try acupuncture.  --Tara Martino

  • First of all, I wanna sincerely thank Dr. Yan for her caring, patient, and professionalism.
    I got severe Bell's Palsy/Facial Paralysis just after the birth of my twins, which makes all of my stress and pain during the pregnancy visible to everyone. By that time I was so weak and the doctor told me to stay in bed at home. While we figured out the Bell's Palsy may not heal by itself, luckily we found Dr. Yan. From the first phone call, I can feel she is such a doctor who truly cares about her patients, and she even made the first treatment at my house, which tremendously helped me, and I had my following treatments received from Dr. Yan’s clinic. Just after five acupuncture treatments I was fully cured. I am amazed by how much she helped me both physically and mentally. I could not recommend Dr. Yan enough!   --Sarah Hamilton

  • Dr Qin has been great to work with. Her combination of accupuncture, massage and cupping has provided results. After 4 or 5 visits, my leg numbness has dissipated. She has been helpful in providing relief to some recurring neck and shoulder pain as well.     --Jeff Kropp

  • I have gastrointestinal problems, and resolved to acupuncture for help in my recovery process. Dr. Qin was very professional and conducted the meeting very well. She listened to my inquiries and suggested solutions to my problems. The entire interaction was very pleasant and I was impressed with the services. Highly recommend, and will come again.  --Daniel Li

  • Dr. Yan is a wonderful practitioner. I first saw her for a pinched nerve in my shoulder. Now she is working on my knee pain, and it has helped a great deal. I would highly recommend Dr Qin Yan.  --Alicia Rheal

  • Very concerned, and focused care given here. Has helped my lower back tremendously.  --Tanya Haase 

  • Dr Qin Yan is an excellent acupuncturist, provider, healer. The treatments and herbal therapy I’ve received have been life-changing. I am forever thankful!  --Kristin Fleming

  • Cupping and acupuncture resulted in significant relief of pain in knee resulting from disc problem. I highly recommend Qin's services!.   --TRandy Jackson 

  • Qin is an experienced acupuncturist who has provided me much relief in my sessions with her. I highly recommend her based on her listening skills, her expertise, and her fair prices. I have been to many acupuncture clinics and hers is the best! --Terah Shober-Graves

  • Very knowledgeable and adapts to your needs depending on where muscle tension and new issues are. Uses cupping and massage along with acupuncture increasing relaxation and relief in problem areas. I am very pleased with the service and knowledge. I have had 7 treatments and I’ll be continuing.   --Clayton Dorn

  • Dr Yan is a very patient lady that always carries a big smile on her face. Her therapy services include fire cupping, acupuncture, and massage etc. I found her through internet and had made several visits during the past month. I wound recommend her to anyone who is currently experiencing any issue such as backache, periarthritis of shoulder or headache. Her place is at the second floor of the gym building, feel free to let her know your issue, she will try her best to help you out.  --Coni Z.

  • Love Dr. Yan!! My TMG is the best it has been for many years!!! I highly recommend her!  --Ginger Ambrose

  • She is the best acupuncturist I've ever had she knows what she's doing and she has made tremendous progress and all different areas. One good example is I had restless leg syndrome 4 / 20 years and the meds would not work but her acupuncture fixed it I am so grateful for all that she has done for me!  --Robert 

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