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10 years diarrhea has been stopped by acupuncture combined with herbs

Real case from China Spring Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine:

64 years old lady, diagnosed with colon cancer more than 20 years ago. Chronic diarrhea for the last 10 years, Fatigue, Pale face. Her first visit to our clinic was on Feb. 25th, 2019.

Palpation: lymph enlargement (-), Abdominal tenderness(-), Pulse: Spleen and Kidney weak.

Tongue: Pale tongue with white and thin coat;

Coloscope check (-), blood test results were normal.

Diagnosed Pattern (TCM based): Spleen and Kidney Yang Deficiency.

Treatment Principles: Warm Yang, tonify Spleen, and Kidney.

Prescription: points: BL23, BL25, St36, St37, Sp6, Sp8, Sp10, CV6, CV4 + Herbs. Asked the client to come back once a week.

On Mar. 4th 2019, she came back for the second treatment. No diarrhea during the first week after the initial treatment. Asked the client to continue treatments for consolidation. On Mar. 25th 2019 she came back for the 5th treatment, diarrhea free.

Beside focusing on the treatment of the chronic diarrhea, Dr. Yan was also able to fully alleviated this client’s Right Hip pain (Pain Scale was: 7) during the five acupuncture treatments.


The causes of diarrhea vary. In acute cases, a person can become dehydrated very quickly. it is important to drink sufficient liquids or seek immediate medical attention if the condition persists.

Acute diarrhea is fairly easy to treat with one or two acupuncture treatments and a few days of herbal therapy. But for the chronic diarrhea cases, for instance, this client, who was diagnosed as Spleen and Kidney Yang deficiency by Dr. Yan, acupuncture treatment with infrared lamp therapy plus traditional Chinese herbs are far more efficient, and more treatments are needed for chronic diarrhea, that is why Dr. Yan asked the client to continue more treatments for consolidation.

Below is the Google Review from this client:

After 5 weeks I have been diarrhea free! It’s been at least 10 years and I am feeling great. I can eat things (a banana for example) that I could not eat without feeling sick. Dr Qin Yan is a knowledge and compassionate doctor who has also helped me with my hip pain as well. I am very grateful for finding this Doctor.”----Susan

We thank Susan for allowing us to share this case, as we both honor the holistic nature of life and one's health.

Our mission is to provide a natural solution to our client’s health afflictions--From China Spring Acupuncture and Herb Medicine, LLC

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